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Michael Bolsoni

Michael Bolsoni, an advisor for Human Geography: People and the Environment, began teaching AP Human Geography in 2001, the first year the national test was offered.  He has 13 years of teaching experience at the School of Environmental Studies and has traveled with students across the globe.  He is a content expert for the Kaplan AP Human Geography Guide and was an AP exam reader for several years. Mr. Bolsoni is currently an Assistant Principal in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public School District.


Linda L. Hammon

Linda L. Hammon, M.Ed., an advisor for Human Geography: People and the Environment, has more than 28 years experience teaching geography, including both 9th-grade Pre-AP Geography and AP Human Geography at Canyon High School in New Braunfels, Texas.  She is currently teaching Cultural Geography, as an Adjunct Lecturer, at Texas State University in San Marcos. A consultant with the College Board for the last twelve years, she has also served as a reader for the APHG exam the last six years.  In 1993, she received the National Council for Geographic Education Distinguished Teaching Award.


Kelly W. Swanson

Kelly W. Swanson, an advisor for Human Geography: People and the Environment, teaches geography at Johnson Senior High School and Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition to his teaching work, Mr. Swanson serves on the standing committees of the United States Department of Education National Assessment in Educational Progress (NAEP) geography and the Praxis Geography committee.Author of the Kaplan AP Human Geography Guide, Mr. Swanson is an active member of the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education (MAGE) and has spoken around the world on geographic issues and projects.


Ann Elizabeth Linsley

Ann Elizabeth Linsley, a College Board Southwest Region Distinguished Teacher (2006) and advisor for Human Geography: People and the Environment, is a teacher at Bellaire High School in the Houston Independent School District. With 25 years of experience teaching human and physical geography in PreAP, AP, and IB programs, Ms. Linsley is a teacher consultant for the College Board in AP Human Geography. In addition to serving as an AP Human Geography exam reader and table leader since 1999, Ms. Linley was a PolarTrec teacher to Antarctica (2007), NGS Teacher Fellow (2008) and a NOAA "Teacher in the Field." Ms. Linsley also serves as a teacher consultant for the National Geographic Society and the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education.