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Advisors, Contributing Editors, Expert Authors  for recent LMG projects include:

Katy Aisenberg

Katy Aisenberg (Cambridge, MA). Dr. M.K. Aisenberg holds a psychology doctorate from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and is a licensed clinical psychologist in Massachusetts. A published poet, she is a graduate of Princeton University and also holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Modern Literature from the Johns Hopkins University. She has taught at Bentley College, Boston University, and Tufts University. 

Aleszu Bajak 


Aleszu Bajak (Cambridge, MA), a journalist covering international issues in science, energy, the environment, and health, serves as a contibuting advisor to LMG.  Mr. Bajak was a 2013 Knight Science Journalism Fellow at M.I.T. and has served as a producer for the NPR talk show Science Friday. His work routinely appears in NatureScienceNew Scientist, and other respected publications.

Stephen A. Berger

Stephen A. Berger is the developer of GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network), the world’s premier global infectious diseases database used by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), PROMED, and other infectious disease specialists and groups. In addition to serving on the GIDEON Board of Advisors,  Dr. Berger is currently affiliated with the Tel Aviv Medical Center as both Director of Geographic Medicine and of Clinical Microbiology. He also serves as Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Tel-Aviv School of Medicine. He has been awarded the New York Medical College Teaching Award 5 times. Dr. Berger is the author of numerous articles and books, including Introduction to Infectious Diseases, The Healthy Tourist, and Viral Diseases: A Global Guide.


Wallace S. Broecker

Wallace S. Broecker, Newberry Professor of Geology, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, is a member of both the US National Academy of Science and the British Royal Society. In 1996, he received the National Science Medal. A member of the Columbia faculty since 1959, Dr. Broecker serves as the Newberry Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences and as member of The Earth Institute Academic Committee. His ongoing research interests include paleoclimatology, ocean chemistry, isotope dating and other important facets of environmental science. He has authored or co-authored close to 500 journal articles,  textbooks, and books, including How to Build a Habitable Planet (1987) and Fixing Climate (2008) with Robert Kunzig. Among a list of  honors and awards, Dr. Broecker is the recipient of the Alexander Agassiz Medal by the National Academy of Sciences, the Japanese Blue Planet Award,  the Swedish Crafoord Award, and has been honored by both the  Geological Society of America and Geological Society of London.


James Corbett

James Corbett, an alumnus of the London School of Economics and the University of London, is an author and journalist living in London. He is a regular contributor to outlets including the BBC World Service, The Guardian, The Observer and The Sunday Times and has reported from more than 20 countries across five continents, including Palestine, China and South Africa.  He was formerly Contributing Editor of the award winning Observer Sport Monthly and London Correspondent of English language Egyptian newspaper, Al Ahram Weekly. He is regularly sought for his opinions by a range of broadcasters on his speciality subject, sport politics, including the BBC, al-Jazeera, ABC, SBS and CNN. He the author of four books, including a history of the England football team England Expects (Aurum Press 2006).


Antonio Farina

Antonio Farina M.D., Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at  Universita’ di Bologna and has served as Visiting Associate Professor, Showa University, Tokyo, Japan, Visiting Professor at the Woman & Infants’ Hospital Division of Prenatal and Special Testing, Providence, RI, and as a Research Fellow at New England Medical Center, Division of Genetics, Boston, MA.


Thomas Hayden

Thomas Hayden is a journalist and lecturer at Stanford University. A former staff writer at both Newsweek and US News & World Report. his writing appears NatureNational Geographic, and other respected publications.


Angelia Herrin

Angelia Herrin, Editor, Director of Research and Special Projects at Harvard Business Review. Cambridge MA.,  A Knight Fellow in journalism at Stanford University, Ms. Herrin reported for Knight-Ridder newspapers and served as Washington, D.C., editor of USA Today.


Joseph Patterson Hyder

Joseph Patterson Hyder, J.D. is the managing partner for the Hyder Law Group in Jacksonville, Florida. An honors  graduate with a degree in history from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Mr. Hyder was editor-in-chief Tennessee Journal of Law and Policy at the University of Tennessee Collage of Law. He has written extensively on international treaties and political issues.


Alexander I. Ioffe

Alexander I. Ioffe,Senior Scientist, Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, Russia. Alexander I. Ioffe is a physicist who serves as Senior Scientist, Geological Institute. Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, Russia. Dr. Ioffe has served as contributing advisor on a number of projects related to science and the environment.


David T. King, Jr.

David T. King, Jr., is a Professor, Dept. of Geology, Auburn University. Dr. King’s  research interests include the effect of asteroid and comet impact upon Earth history and the stratigraphic record. Dr. King has been honored as the outstanding science/math faculty member and as an Auburn Alumni Association outstanding teacher.


Kathleen Koch

Kathleen Koch served as a special contributor for LMG's book Doomed: The Science Behind Disaster (at press). Her introduction to the book drew on her 18 years of experience as an award-winning correspondent for CNN. During that time, Ms. Koch faced down presidents, snipers, and just about every disaster imaginable. She covered the White House, Pentagon, Capitol Hill and State Department as well as disasters ranging from tornadoes and hurricanes to plane crashes and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Her work reporting on Hurricane Katrina and her two documentaries on her hometown's recovery from the storm earned her a Peabody Award and a New York Festivals gold medal. Ms. Koch is also author of the critically acclaimed book,  Rising from Katrina: How My Mississippi Hometown Lost It All and Found What Mattered. Ms. Koch also has hands-on experience in disaster recovery. She volunteered in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort and led nationwide letter-writing campaigns to encourage disaster survivors in Japan and the Philippines. Ms. Koch is founder and executive director of LeadersLink, the first organization to harness and share elected officials' disaster lessons learned to help other communities better prevent, prepare for and recover from similar crises.


Kenneth T. LaPensee

Kenneth T. LaPensee PhD, MPH,  has pursued a career in private industry for more than 30 years that has encompassed epidemiological and clinical research in therapy areas ranging from oncology and antibiotics to mental illness. He has served as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy (JMCP) specializing in the review of epidemiological, public health-related, and health care system-related journal submissions. For LernerMedia/LMG he has served as an expert author and/or advisor on a number of critically acclaimed books.


Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence is an author, professor of the history of medicine at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, University College London , and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Dr. Lawrence is a contributing advisor for Scientific Thought: In Context and was editor along with Steven Shapin at Harvard  of Science Incarnate: Historical Embodiments of Natural Knowledge (University Of Chicago Press, 1998)


Adrienne Wilmoth Lerner

Adrienne Wilmoth Lerner, J.D., served as co-editor for volumes on the Environment; Gender Issues and Sexuality; Human and Civil Rights; Government, Politics, and Protest; and Immigration and Multiculturalism. Ms. Lerner is the Director, Pre-Law and an instructor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of North Florida. Prior to taking a post at UNL she worked as an author, editor, certified archaeologist, and an attorney in private practice as well as an Adjunct Professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, FL. She has taught courses at undergraduate, graduate, and law school level on topics including the U.S. Supreme Court, American Legal System, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, International Human Rights, Gender and the Law, Art Law, and Intellectual Property Licensing. Ms. Lerner served as graduate instructor in communications at Vanderbilt University, where she was also a University Fellow (2000-2002) and a Summer Fellow for the Vanderbilt Program in Social and Political Thought (2001). She is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Oglethorpe University where she was named as Outstanding Honors Student and received the Leo Bilanco Award for Outstanding History Graduate (co-recipient). (bio updated March 2017). Ms. Lerner is also the editor of several books including Global Viewpoints: Freedom of Expression and has written extensively on a range of legal, social, and science policy issues for a number of academic books.


Alicia Cafferty Lerner

Alicia Cafferty Lerner is an independent author and editor. A graduate of University College, Dublin, Ireland (M.A.) and Auburn University, she is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the National English Honors Society. In addition to independently editing a series of books on global issues for younger students, Ms. Cafferty  contributed to a number of Lerner & Lerner / LMG  projects. 


René Lynn

René Lynn, Department of Communications, San Antonio Independent School District. San Antonio, Texas. A graduate of the University of Texas School of Journalism, René Lynn is former journalist and media commentator who now works as a representative of the San Antonio Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas.


Lois N. Magner

Lois N. Magner, Professor Emerita of History, Purdue University. Professor Magner is the author of A History of Medicine.


Nancy E. Masters

Nancy E. Masters is a Distinguished Member in the International Association for Identification and a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Forensic Identification. She also serves as a Fellow of the Fingerprint Society of Great Britain. In 2004, the  International Association for Identification awarded Masters the IAI’s highest honor, John A. Dondero Memorial Award.


Elisa Rennie

Elisa Rennie is a member of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Covering an array of global issues, she continue to serve as an independent copyeditor for international news and academic resource platforms. As degree candidate at Harvard University, she helps teach grammar and expository writing. A best-selling author. Her fiction writing is published under a nom de plume. 

Rebecca De Los Rios

Rebecca De Los Rios was a senior advisor at the Pan American Health Organization, the Regional Office of the World Health Organization for the Americas (PAHO/WHO), and is a specialist in international public health issues. She was a leader in mainstreaming gender as an important criteria into public health policies, programs and interventions.  As Head of the PAHO/WHO Research Grant Program, she designed and implemented the Multi-center Research Networks. As a PAHO/WHO Senior Advisor on International Cooperation, she had a leadership role in the formulation and adoption of the PAHO/WHO Policy on Cooperation for Health Development and the establishment of the PAHO/WHO knowledge exchange and peer learning platform to promote cooperation among countries.



Anna Marie Roos

Anna Marie Roos is an author and Research Associate at the Wellcome Trust Unit for the History of Medicine at Oxford University. She has previously served as a Visiting Fellow, Wellcome Trust Unit for the History and Understanding of Medicine and as an Associate Professor in the Department of History at University of Minnesota.  She holds a Ph.D. in History and a B.A. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In addition to writing on contemporary topics regarding culture and medicine, she has published extensively in the history of science including Luminaries in the Natural World: The Sun and the Moon in England, 1400-1720 (Peter Lang, 2001) and The Salt of the Earth : Natural Philosophy, Medicine, and Chymistry in England, 1650-1750 (Brill Academic Pubishers, 2007).


Joachim Schummer

Joachim Schummer, Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, has served as a Lecturer and Research Fellow, University of Karlsruhe; Visiting Professor, University of South Carolina; Heisenberg Fellow, Technical University of Darmstadt; Visiting Fellow, Center for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Australian National University; and Visiting Professor, University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Writing on a range of topics from chemical warfare to environmental pollution, he was co-editor of The Public Image of Chemistry (World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, 2007). He is a member of the Editorial Board of Studies in Ethics, Law and Technology (Berkeley Electronic, CA, USA)


Yavor Shopov

Yavor Shopov is Professor of Geology & Geophysics University of Sofia, Bulgaria , Dr. Sopov has served as President, Commission on Physical Chemistry and Hydrogeology of Karst, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO).


Colette St. Clair

As a Managing Editor, Colette St. Clair represents LMGlobal in both Paris and Washington, D.C.. Ms. St. Clair manages  project development and production in French-speaking areas of the world. A former journalist based in Paris and Washington, D.C., she produces both French and English news for an array of international media clients, including France24, Canal+, TF. and Radio France Internationale


Matthew Stanley

Matthew Stanley, a 2006-2007 Member of the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study,  Princeton University is also an Assistant Professor, Department of History Program in the History of Technology and Science at Iowa State University.


Constance K. Stein

Constance K. Stein, Associate Professor, SUNY Upstate Medical University. Syracuse, New York. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Dr. Stein is an Associate Professor, Pathology and Director of Cytogenetics, Assistant Director of Molecular Diagnostics, SUNY Upstate Medical University. Syracuse, New York.


Michael J Sullivan 

Michael J Sullivan is Director of the Children’s Cancer Research Group, Christ Church School of Medicine University of Otago Christchurch, New Zealand. A former Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics, Dr. Sullivan (FRACP DCH PhD) has also written on a variety of medical topics for general audiences.


John (Jack) P. Woodall

John (Jack) P. Woodall (1935-2106). Director, Nucleus for the Investigation of Emerging Infectious Diseases,  Institute of Medical Biochemistry, Center for Health Sciences, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1998-2008. Jack Woodall is a graduate of Cambridge University and received his Ph.D. from the world-renowned London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London University.  He served at the East African Virus Research Institute, Entebbe, Uganda; as director of the Rockefeller Foundation Belem Virus Laboratory in Brazil; as a Research Fellow at the Yale Arbovirus Research Unit, and then head of the Arbovirus Laboratory, New York State Health before being appointed director of the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) San Juan Laboratories in Puerto Rico. In 1981, he moved to the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland, first in the Laboratory Unit, and then as Epidemiologist in the Division of Health Statistics. On retirement from WHO, Dr. Woodall he returned to direct the Arbovirus Laboratory for the New York State Health Department.  In 1998 he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he is still based. Dr. Woodall has also served as  a member of the WHO Gulf Emergency Task Force in support of the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) in Iraq; Leader of the WHO delegation to the Third Review Conference on the Biological Weapons Convention; and as editor of various publications for PAHO, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Sabin Vaccine Institute, and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Dr. Woodall was a co-founder of ProMED-mail, the online global outbreak early warning system of the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMED) of the International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID), where he continues as Associate Editor. He is a member of the Biological Weapons Working Group of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, Washington DC, and Board member, Sabin Vaccine Institute, Washington DC. Update: Jack Woodall, pioneer in the field of infectious diseases surveillance, was born on Jan 13, 1935, in Tianjin, China. He died on Oct 24, 2016, in Esher, Surrey, UK. Lancet ObitStat Obit