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LMG Content Standards

LMG carefully selects colleagues of high integrity who value their professional reputations. All contributions are subject to screening by text and video analysis programs that quickly identify similarities to material already in publication and/or available online. Plagiarism or artistic deception (e.g. altering photos or film) will not be tolerated and is treated as both academic fraud and, when accompanied by a demand for payment, a criminal fraud. With the exception of properly attributed quotes, all submissions must be original compositions and all sources properly credited.


LMG is responsible for the quality of its work. Although the format of corrections may vary across media platforms, is LMG policy to admit errors and clarify or correct published work as quickly and accurately as possible.

Unsolicited Submissions

LMG does not accept unsolicited samples of work, submissions, or proposals of any kind. Unsolicited submissions waive your right to claim subsequent intellectual property rights infringement against all recipients and their designated agents and affiliates.

General Business policies

In accepting and submitting any assignment, contributors acknowledge and reiterate their initial contractual agreement with us, agreeing to continue to abide by the following policies:

Employment Status: In accepting any assignment from any corporate entity of Lerner & Lerner, LLC., or LMG the person, persons, or entity accepting the assignment acknowledges that they are independent contractors, not employees of LMG unless they hold a separate and expressed employment agreement with LMG. Subordinate to LMG policies, LMG supports the rights of various artists collectives and when applicable supports established union, guild, and other collective agreements, policies, and conventions.

Invoices and payments: Independent contractors should submit work as it is completed and submit an invoice for all work delivered. Please submit separate invoices for individual projects as printable email attachments. LMG accepts, via email, any style of invoice that specifies the following: Name, SSN or other Tax ID, Mailing Address, a brief outline of the work performed, a specification of sums due. Failure to submit a proper invoice may delay payment. Unless we notify you of a reason for a delay, payments will normally be posted no later than 30 days after the assigned deadline date, submission date, or date the invoice your invoice is received, whichever date is later. Payments are normally made in US currency via corporate check sent standard post.

Contributors may request electronic payments in US Dollars ($), Pounds (£), Euros (€), Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, or Hong Kong Dollars via online electronic transfer services. If LMG agrees to the transfer, the contributor shall be responsible for all currency exchange, transfer, and electronic payment fees. LMG entities do not endorse any electronic payment service, nor can we indemnify colleagues for loss due to postal or electronic transfer failure beyond the extent to which we can recover original funds sent. LMG cannot institute traces or other inquiries except with Royal Mail, La Poste, and USPS. Use of  electronic payment services is entirely at the discretion of LMG.