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LMG’s experts and artists collaborate with the world’s leading publishers and commissioning entities to create award-winning science and factual content. LMG media projects are distinguished by their emphasis on stimulating critical thought and informed commentary. Accordingly, we welcome inquires from scholars, graduate students, journalists, and content experts strong content creation skills.

Our research colleagues often have substantial experience working in diverse, unique, and challenging environments. LMG's customized ISA teams draw on a global network of experts with extensive scholarly, business, military, and government service backgrounds to offer confidential data, analysis, and time-critical solutions to clients navigating complex, and often cross-border, issues. Because the work is confidential to clients, professional journalists, whether freelance or under contract, are ineligible for ISA teams.

We do not accept telephone or telefax inquiries from prospective colleagues, nor do we accept unsolicited submissions. If you have a ninterest in working on an LMG project please send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We request that prospective colleagues include a vitae breve in the body of their email as part of their letter of introduction.